TRON ($TRX) a Product is Finally Coming in March

Up until yesterday’s announcement (see tweet below), TRON (TRX) has always been a cryptocurrency without a tangible product or platform to back it up. It was basically a whitepaper with a $4.6 billion market value – and a huge online fan base keeping it afloat. But now, finally, we have a date for a beta launch of the first useable product from the TRON Foundation:

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The organization goes into more detail about the Exodus beta launch in a post on their Medium page. But don’t worry – we will break down the important details for you.

The TRON Network is coming around the corner

The beta version of this platform, as mentioned above, will be called Exodus. Here’s what the TRON Foundation had to say:

Today, TRON officially announced the latest progress of the project development, showing that the main network functions were all set and it will be launched on March 31. This should be the second important upgrade after the open source on December 29, 2017.

This product actually boasts a lot of cool features and core functions. It certainly offers a lot of advantages over some other competing platforms.

The Exodus beta launch version will:

  • Include UTXO technology-based trading models that enable a transparent, public ledger to track everything that goes on
  • Thanks to its PoS-based TBFT consensus mechanism, it can verify over 1,000 transactions per second. That absolutely leaves Ethereum (ETH) in the dust.
  • Have super cheap fees per transfer – 10e-6 TRX each
  • Enable smart contracts with the TRON virtual machine (TVM).
  • Allow for smart contracts to be written in Java, which is then compiled into TVM byte-code for “high execution performance.”
  • Enable distributed network management to ensure transparency and the ability to visualize performance, operations and possible risks

Remember – this platform is trying to disrupt the content sharing space. TRON (TRX) is seeking to become the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play app, but a blockchain-based vision. That means decentralization, no middlemen, less power in the hands of giant corporations, and a direct link from creators to consumers.

And this product is finally about to have a working version – even if it’s a little more than two months away.

Apart from Exodus, there are other updates too

It’s not just a beta rollout that TRX investors can be excited about now. This cryptocurrency is growing in other ways, too. For example, the first TRON dogs game is now available to play in English on The cryptocurrency’s creator, Justin Sun, broke the news on twitter that they were collaborating on an upcoming game:


Well, now that game is live. It’s not live in English yet (even though Justin Sun told us on Twitter than Jan. 22nd was the day). It’s only in Chinese, but you can still play the game and spend or earn TRX. Within the game, you can buy a dog, raise it and breed it with other users’ dogs. It’s similar to an old Ethereum-based game called Cryptokitties.

Oh, and TRON (TRX) also just got added to Bitfinex

Within the last day, it was announced that TRX coins are now tradeable on Bitfinex – a popular cryptocurrency exchange. Mr. Sun explains the news pretty well in this tweet from today:

I wonder which fiat currencies he is talking about. Either way, this coin is absolutely expanding.

We are still a few months from this beta launch, and TRON is in a slump. This may be the best time to buy in – before the eventual surge when the platform gets up and running (if things go smoothly). What do you think – have you held onto your TRX?

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